Halloween Craft: Model Magic Spider & Bat

Spider: Black Model Magic, Googly Eyes, 2 chenille Stems cut into 8 pieces

Bat: Black Model Magic, Googly Eyes, Bamboo Skewer

Even the youngest kiddos can make cute creations with Model Magic! We love Model Magic (MM) here at the Crazy King house. MM is great for kids who are looking for a lot of tactile input (my Em.) Working with clay, play dough or MM helps kids with their pre-writing development (the squeezing and squishing is good for their hand strength.) The great thing about MM is that it is light weight (modeling clay is a little hard for young kids to work with), it dries nicely, it comes in a rainbow of colors and you can paint or glue stuff to it.

I was not paid or given any products for this endorsement. I just honestly love the stuff.

Plus, while they were playing with the MM I got to complete assembling Lu's Class Halloween favors. A like to give the kids a little something they can bring home. I do it mainly so that Lu can have something fun since she has so many allergies and can't eat a lot of the treats at Holidays.

It isn't much, just a make your own sticker Halloween scene kit & lollipop. Both from Oriental Trading. Tied with a bow and a Halloween sticker that I used as a hang tag (Target $1 zone.) I wrote "Love Lu" on the bottom of the sticker.


maryanne said...

I need to buy Model Magic, it is very cool stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

abbie said...

So cute!! as always. I am making my son's class white chocolate ghosts on a stick (martha stewart) because of nut allergies in his class...no eggs or wheat in these either. Just a bunch of sweet sticky pre-schooler faces... :) And you are so right about the hand-strength thing. Sydeny's therapist recommended we introduce play dough to help her develop hand strength and coordination. We hadn't given it to her until now because she would just eat it, but now she just picks it apart and refuses to squish it. Go figure...have a great weekend...I hope you have a bit less rain than we are having here. Abbie

Amy said...

That is a great idea. Can you get the model magic at Walmart?

Mama King said...

Yes Amy - I think you can get it most anywhere craft supplies are sold. I've even seen it in the drug store and grocery store.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What cute and lovingly made Halloween treats! We are big fans of model magic too. It's so versatile, and so much fun to work with... plus it's practically a no-mess craft supply. That spider is super-cute!

Unpredictable Journey said...

I love your website. I love the crafts. Whenever I need a quick 'keep them busy' idea --- I turn to your site. I have two toddlers who love to get messy with crafts! I just want to say thanks. I'm new to blogging myself but I've been following your blog for awhile.

Katie said...

I love Oriental Trading too, had the name of that company ever bothered you?

***Sharon*** said...

That little spider is SOOOO CUTE! We're going to a Halloween party soon - no edible treats to giveaway...this might just be our answer! :)

***Sharon*** said...

Gosh darn it. I had everything I needed but Model Magic. The stores were OUT! It figures. Will look for more again before the weekend!


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