Kids Craft: Easy Printmaking

Flower Print: Tempera Paint on Paper

Create easy prints using cookie cutters and styrofoam trays (meats or vegetables are often packed in them.) I believe you can even ask your butcher for a couple of clean ones - just be extra sweet! They are also available at some craft stores. If you are using trays that held meat or poultry use common sense and thoroughly clean them.

Press cookie cutter into styrofoam firmly. If working with young children you may need to do this or help them. Don't push so hard you cut through styrofoam! You only need an indent. Roll on or brush on paint evenly and not too thickly. Place a piece of paper on top and rub gently with your hands. Smoothing from center outward. Lift corner take a peak, if it looks good pull off paper to reveal your print.

Styrofoam sheets after print has been pulled.

You can rinse off and add different colors and make as many prints as you'd like. Cut out dried prints and glue to front of a card or frame. You can also have child paint on top of dried print - adding in details.

Butterfly Print: Gold & Red Tempera Paint on Paper


cristina said...

I loved their craft ... I congratulate you, are as they should be easy, cheap and fun ..
I'll make his follower,
adios des de girona ( spain )

maryanne said...

What a great way to make young children part of every step of the printmaking process - thanks for the idea!

Ticia said...

LOVE this idea! I'm restraining myself from running off and doing it right now.

Cindy said...

I've wanted to do print making with my guy but since I am not very good at drawing I have always stayed away from it. Thanks so much for the idea of using cookie cutters. Awesome!

Adriana said...

So pretty! We have a TON of cookie cutters!

Amanda said...

Very cute idea. Even little ones can do this, love it :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

This may be the best use for cookie cutters EVER! Well, besides cutting actual cookies, of course. ;-) What fun!!

The girl who painted trees said...

My 2 year old and I did this today with pumpkin cookie cutters. I linked you at the bottom of the post:)

Thanks for a great idea!

jennwa said...

What a great idea. So fun and easy.

Thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

I love this, I've seen it in some of my teacher idea books but have always been too lazy to hunt down the styrofoam trays. I'm also leary of using ones from raw meat no matter how much washing was done with them. But now I am inspired to look for some veggies packaged this way, think ER would really have fun with this.


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