Christmas Stockings: A Family Tradition

Lu, Christmas Morning, 2008

The stocking tradition started with my Grandmother (my mother's mother.) She made all her grand children red felt stockings that were hand sequined. In our house it wasn't Christmas until the stockings were hanging on the mantle.

Mama's Stocking, 1973

When my sisters and I started our families, my mother carried on the tradition and made each of her grand children one, using one of the original stockings as a template.

Lu's Stocking, 2005

Em's Stocking, 2008

I even made my husband (Papa King) one. He likes cars so I added a new shiny car with a big red bow...probably the only car he'll see at Christmas any time soon!

Papa King's, 2003

I know that when my girls start families of their own someday I will lovingly trace my stocking and think of my Grandmother and Mother as I carry on the tradition. Each stocking is a little different and shows the hand and style of the woman that made it...which I love!

What is a family tradition you cherish and hope to pass on to your kids and grand kids?


Amy said...

what a great idea. We do stocking first then open presents. I like that I still do the Christmas p.j.'s on Christmas Eve..

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

Oh yes!! it's a beautiful tradition, I love it!! In Spain we don't use socks but I began think to use it!! :)

I made Xmas tree ornaments to my litle ones and I hope that they made another for their litle ones :)

(I hope you can understand my terrible english :P)

Hugss and happy Xmas :)

Kristine said...

That's lovely. One of my favourite memories is going outside just before bed and looking for Santa's sleigh. We could always hear his sleigh bells and would rush inside to go to sleep so that he could come. So this is something that we do with our daughters.

M for Short said...

Beutiful stockings. Homemade always blows store bought out of the water.
One family tradition from husband's family - baking Swedish bulloh (cardomon rolls with sugar pearls on top), and make-ahead eggs you prep on Chr. Eve and allow to bake while everyone opens presents. From my family: a big tray of cookies or pastries, sweet and fancy, to nosh on during presents so no one gets grumpy from being hungry. Top cookie pick: Dark chocolate shortbread stars from Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

I love those sooo pretty!

MrsMonicaLB said...

love the stocking tradition and that you make them,they look great.
In our home we have the kids put one of their shoes out and Santa leaves them a present by their shoe!We did that as kids with my parents,not sure why,guessing maybe there were too many of us to hang stockings for each of us.

Ticia said...

Hee hee, you have Christmas stockings a lot like my stockings.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I love this idea. I guess I hope the Tongginator will learn to make all of Advent purposeful. I hope she continues our advent calendar tradition. And who can argue with holiday pajamas on Christmas Eve?

maryanne said...

We make stockings, too, although ours aren't this ornate!


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