Dixie Cup Inspiration

Fresh from the mind of Mama King. Which means they are unpainted and yet to be incorporated into a project. Just wanted to show you some possibilities for the humble Dixie Cup. I just love how 3D they are! I think they will add some nice dimension to your kiddos next project.

A sun

A Flower


My favorite...a dandelion (3 cups stacked)

I am always amazed at what people can do with a simple paper plate. It got me thinking -- what could I do with a Dixie Cup? This is only the tip of the Dixie Cup iceberg. Let me know if you've ever done a project with Dixie Cups.


Preschool Playbook said...

What magnificent creations!

Mamabear Melinda said...

great for practing cutting!! and a frugal craft..cool!

jennwa said...

All of them are great, I like the dandilion the best too.

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcse!!

Sherry said...

what a GREAT idea! how creative you are!

Christie said...

I love this. You can also use toilet paper rolls. I have a love-stems post about them. I am on a dandelion kick so I am going to do this with the girls. I will be fun. :)
Thanks for sharing it.


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