Water Color Resist (Using Contact Paper)

Saw this great project on Plum Pudding and just had to share. Plum Pudding used the child's initial to make beautiful watercolor pictures. She saw the project originally on Blissful Kids. I immediately thought of the contact paper butterflies I had been saving from my Mod Podge Butterfly project. Instead of a letter (which we are still going to try) we used cut out shapes from contact paper. I let Lu stick down the contact paper shapes. I did not rub the edges down well enough so we had a lot of bleeding. Edit: Sorry not clear. Trace shape onto the paper side of contact paper. Cut out. Peal off backing and stick on paper. Rub edges down. Paint with water color. When dry - peel off contact paper to reveal white paper.

Lu also made an underwater one for her teacher because she once told her she loved sea shells.

She really liked sprinkling the coarse salt on and checking to see what it would do.

I think these really came out interesting and so vibrant (we used tube watercolors not the cake ones.) This one we will definitely be trying again.


Amy said...

You cut out contact paper place it on picture and then paint it and then you get the different shapes. Right? Look great.

Amanda Pedro said...

ooo, a new project. can't wait to try this one! Was getting tired of painting birdhouses and other wooden things. This, now this has some technique and science!
thanks. I'll let you know when I've posted

Crystal said...

great idea. they turned out really cool. we are going to have to try this.

Beth- the mama bee said...

I saw that at plum pudding and have been waiting to try it. I like the underwater one! I have had the kids to it with crayon resist, but they never color thick enough.

Mama King said...

Yes Beth, this is much easier for younger children. Plus my girls are sticker crazy here. Have fun trying it!

Ticia said...

Maybe I can use my 40% off coupon at Michael's to get watercolors..... I'm sure they have a quick simple cheesy set.


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