Counting Bears Scale!

Counting Bears Scale! Our latest purchase. We have been playing and loving the counting bears for a while now. I figured Lulu was ready to move from counting and sorting to weighing. She is beginning to understand the connection between weight and the number and size of objects on the scale by experimenting.

**Great storage tip for small objects (like counting bears) at

Megan at Plum Pudding drills a hole in the lid of a jar and top side of the jar, attaches a colorful ribbon to the top of the jars and connects it to the top side of the you never lose the top. I have been collecting my mayo and peanut butter jars for this project. Figure I'd do them all at once since it requires me taking out the drill. Check them out they look really cute!


Katie said...

We really need to get a scale too for our teddy bear counter collection. Such a great activity for math!
Thanks for coming by my blog and for becoming a follower. I appreciate it and I love all your activities too!
You have great kid centered ones, I'm trying to do more of those as my kiddo is finally interested in them and able to help me.
PS: I'm also an adult adoptee, I'm from Korea and my younger brother is from India.

Mama King said...

Thanks for coming by my site and checking it out!

I am happy to connect with another adoptee and crafty mama. Are you planning on sharing your Korean heritage with your little one? I am not sure if I should post more Korean info and activities for kids. Would like to know what you think. Someday we'll have to swap stories.

Katie said...

Actually your blog has gotten me thinking more and more about my heritage. I don't really have that much to share, unfortunately. My parents tried to get me into Korean culture classes but I totally rebelled as I wanted to watch Sat. morning cartoons and ride bikes with my friends.
Now that I am interested I'm finding it hard to find any information. Have you come up with any resources? I think you should do more posts, but that may be for my own selfish reasons:)
For sure we'll have to swap, as mine could fill more than the comment box will allow, yours too I'm sure!

Mama King said...

I started learning more about Korean culture after Lulu was born. Before my late 20's I started trying Korean food. I think it was having a biological daughter that made me wonder more about where I came from. Now when I encountered Native Koreans I don't shy away from engaging them in conversations and ask questions. I no longer am uncomfortable about talking about being adopted. I used to hate talking about myself now I find sharing my story helps me plus it has help me meet some great people who have opened the door into the Korean Culture. I could go on too! I will definitely think about doing a Korean Roundup of sorts! PS Congrats on your newest venture! I look forward to checking it out.


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