Spring Inspiration: Butterfly String


Tissue Paper / Mixed Media Hanging Butterflies

I saw a beautiful felt butterfly mobile at http//bugsandfishes.blogspot.com. Check it out it is gorgeous! I was immediately inspired to create one myself. I didn't have the felt and didn't see myself getting to the craft store anytime soon.

I remembered a collage technique I had used to create some of my handmade cards (see photos below butterflies.) I thought this would work beautifully. It looks very delicate and allows the subtleties of your collage show through.

Examples of the technique used to make miniature collages for cards.

Supplies: Contact Paper, Template, Tissue, Modge Podge, Glue brush or Foam brush, Sequins, Thread, Needle, Marker
Age: 6+ with assistance from an adult
Level: intermediate

Step 1:
Download template from bugsandfishes.blogspot.com or use your own
Tape to window and trace onto paper side of contact paper.
(You will not actually ever peal the contact paper from its backing. It is used merely as a surface to work on. You will peal your dried collaged paper off the shiny surface of the contact paper later.)

Step 2:
Tape contact paper (shiny side up) to a work surface. I use an old drawing board so I can move it as we do not have a permanent craft table.
Thin Modge Podge slightly with water.
Working one butterfly at a time -- paint a layer of Modge Podge onto butterfly pattern.
Lay down small tissue pieces, overlapping them as you go, covering pattern
Apply another layer of Modge Podge
Layer more tissue, sequins, or thread
Apply another layer of Modge Podge
Apply a final layer of tissue & Modge Podge
Experiment & have fun. Using different shades of the same color creates a nice effect. Remember to make it at least 2 layers of tissue, 3 would be best. It will make your butterflies more durable.
Lulu (3.5) made the top purple butterfly. She lost interest after doing one. Although she likes to point out her butterfly on the strand!

Step 3: Dry over night
Carefully cut out butterflies.
If you can't see the outline through your layers of tissue -- turn it over and cut using the marker line as your guide. I know this appears self evident but if you have mommy brain...
They may have already started to peal up from the contact paper. So hold them in place with your hand as you cut.
Peal off from contact paper.
I saved my scraps and contact paper butterflies. I will use them in another project. The collaged paper is too beautiful to throw away.

Step 4: Thread. Embellish with sequins & Hang
You can also use your butterflies on packages and cards. Leave me a comment if you come up with some other use for them. Maybe even as a spring luncheon napkin ring...


Bugs and Fishes said...

Oh, this is so pretty! I love how the light shines through them like that - such a lovely use of my template, thanks for linking me to it :) Lupin x

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I like the felt ones of the original but I love the transparency of your paper creation. Thanks for the directions on how to make the tissue paper paper.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

These are so pretty! Love how they look in the sunlight.


Diane said...

These are beautiful.
We love anything that you can hang in the window and have light shine through. This definitely goes on the short 'to do' list!

Wendy said...

So I'm having a hard time making these. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully you'll get this post and be able to respond. I came across this and loved it. Thought it would be a great craft to do with some girls. So now (after I said I would do it) I'm trying it out. Our tissue paper is sticking to the lamination. I've thinned the mod podge. Did you use tissue paper for presents or was it something else? Not sure how I can not get it to adhere to the plastic. Any suggestions? wdrichards1(at)yahoo(dot)com


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