Travel Felt Mat

Katie's Nesting Spot as an easy tutorial on how to make a felt travel mat. The key is the iron on vinyl backing. Great for taking to restaurants! You can just wipe the ketchup off the back.

I added the buttons and made mine a bit longer by overlapping and sewing two standards size pieces of felt together. I also veered off from the basic shapes adding a person, clothes and a butterfly which also doubles as fairy wings. Right now we just store the felt in a zip top bag and roll it up with the felt mat.


Katie said...

WOW, you're is a million times better than mine! Maybe I should make a new cooler one copied from yours for our giveaway. Really love it and I was just thinking that a slightly bigger one would be nice, have cut some cute shapes to make a house and flowers on her's too but for the giveaway I used my trusty die cut to save my hands all that cutting.

On a totally seperate note, did you know that Tip Junkie is looking for Easter ideas? Thought maybe you'd want to send her your fruit cup bunnies and tulips. Yes, I am totally obsessed with them; you probably wish I'd stop going on about them but really I just thought they were so stinkin' cute.

Sarah said...

This is such a great idea. I bet my son would love one of these. I don't know if I could compete with the cuteness of yours though!

Mama King said...

Thanks Katie! I didn't know a die cut would work on felt. Very cool. I only have a couple of basic shapes. I love the scalloped one you used for the scallop punch contest. It is a joke in our family that I am having an affair with Michael's! Whenever I say I'm going to run to Michael's my husband says "who is this Michael you keep seeing? (wink)" I need a job to support my Michael's habit!
Thanks for the Tip Junkie tip! I submitted the favor cups. Are you going to make any? Let me know if you do. Have a great day!

Katie said...

We are in the process of eating our fruit cups as we speak! I'll be sure to post about it, this time WITH our pics unlike the lame-o mention of the elephant. I finally attached the ear. ER loves her and carries it around with her.

You can use die cuts with felt, if they are the think metal kind like Sizzix. Their thiner ones called Sizlits aren't intended to be used with felt but I did anyway!

I don't think I can punch through felt with my scallop punch however.

I am also at Michael's way too much!

Katie said...

Oh and I like the new look of the blog!

Is that your photo? I am thinking about designing a little fabric collage to replace my header. I am really happy with it, but I didn't realize just how many people use the same one!

Mama King said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see them! By the way, thanks so much, Tip Junkie featured the cups and the bunny place card today! Have a great night!

Mama King said...

Yes, the header is a photo of the window sill above my sink. All of the girls "treasures" end up there! I definitely think something you made would be a nice touch for your blog. I was just going to go over and comment on how pretty your cards were! You are tireless and very talented! Is there nothing you don't do!!

Mimi said...

Stopping by from the Flip Flop contest.

This is just adorable. You really did a great job!


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