Letter Exchange: Florida, Switzerland & Italy

Look what arrived while we were away last week! 3 Letters! Lulu did her happy dance for a while then sat down to examine the envelopes. Which to open? Florida won out. Why? Well, Florida's shook. Yes, it was actually a small box that when you shook it you could hear something moving around in it! How exciting! Even more exciting is when she opened it up to discover a little pouch, a beautiful apple print and a letter.The pouch held sea shells! Lulu loves them. Instant treasures! They got their own special jar for our windowsill so Lulu can look at them anytime she wants. Which so far has been frequently. Lulu was amazed to hear about life in Florida. Dolphins and the beach! Wow!


Next was a terrific letter from Italy! Our first international letter! When Lulu opened it little angel confetti came fluttering out! Lulu was thrilled. The letter was temporarily forgotten as she carefully picked up each angel and placed them on the table. Then she was running upstairs with me calling after her.

In a flash she was back with her extra special treasure box (she has several but this is the ultimate one! It plays music and has a picture of ballet slippers on the front.) She scooped up the angels and gently placed them in her treasure box with all of her most special items. Then it was back to the letter to look at the drawings, stickers and hear about her new friend. I showed her where Italy was on the map and we talked about how it looked like a boot!


Last but not least came this wonderful letter from a little boy in Switzerland! He sent a wonderful letter that Lulu has wanted to hear again and again. His birthday is the same month as Lu's (which just excites her!) and he lives in the mountains with cows that graze outside his window! This just tickles Lulu. His mommy sent some yummy recipes which we will have to try! Plus a drawing, some stickers, a picture, and a dinosaur coloring page. If you've read my past posts - Lu thought that was pretty cool!

I have to say, I never expected such creative and wonderful letters to come Lulu's way. As you can tell the simplest things just make her so excited! A story about your child's life, a drawing, some confetti... If you are participating and haven't sent your letter yet don't feel like you have to do anything more than share a little about what your child likes to do or what their daily life is like. Lulu (and Emme) get so excited just running to the mailbox...thanks to all of you who are participating!


Ally said...

This is so neat, your daughter sounds like a sweetie!

Amy said...

this is such a great idea for you guys. I love this. My Round Robin is Friday if you want to join in.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

This is so exciting! Lulu must have been thrilled! What lovely treasures, indeed! :-)

Bobbi & Noe said...

SO sweet!

Christa said...

I used to keep treasures when I was a child. It was interesting, when I got older, seeing the things I wanted to keep!

Crystal said...

More great letters and very cool suprises! This really was a great idea and I am glad she is enjoying it so much.

Katie said...

I love that you are doing this special project with your daughter. I bet you will be able to put together a really special memory book of all the places Lulu can "travel" in her letters.
Hope you are having a great summer so far!


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