Spirit Jump

A while ago I posted about becoming a Spirit Jumper. Since then we have participated in 3 Spirit Jumps. A Spirit Jump can be as simple as send a card or sending along a little gift to a person battling cancer, to lift their spirits. This time Lulu picked out the gift (a sticker book) and wrote a card to a 4 year old girl named Grace. "Grace was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June 2008, two days after her 3rd birthday. Although Grace is in remission, she still has to take chemo at home everyday and goes to a clinic every two weeks for blood work." I thought it would be more meaningful if Grace received a card from someone her own age.

Spirit Jump is a wonderful organization started by two cancer survivors. See the original post here. There is no long term commitment. If you sign up to be a Spirit Jumper you will receive occasional emails describing the people who need a lift. You decide if you want to send a card or gift to them or not. We try to do one once a month. Especially if there is a child in need of a lift. So if you would like to brighten someones day -- think about becoming a Spirit Jumper!


Amy said...

This is such a great idea. I will have to check it out.

Ally said...

I've heard about this on another blog(Yaya's Stuff). I think its a great idea. I love how you are involved Lulu with it too!

Amy said...

I am so happy you enjoyed your day on my blog. I do enjoy your blog. I am still going to try and make that jelly fish. I will let you know when I do.

Elise said...

Spirit Jumper is a "beauty full" idea. It is so inspiring to see two women use their battles with cancer to do so much good and make a difference in the world.

It is wonderful to see Lulu brightening up the days of very sick children. I am sure her gift and card for Grace will put a smile on her face.

The fairy houses at the Arboretum were amazing. My little girl would love to discover and explore them.
We recently made a "Sticky Fairy Wonderland" and I have posted it on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I have signed up - thank you for spreading the word about this wonderful way to brighten someone's day! How special for you to have your little ones show their love for others. Keep up the good work!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I've never heard of this, but I'm sure Emily would love to do something like this... Thanks for passing along the info! We'll give it a go!


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