Thank You!

Thank you for showing your support yesterday and leaving me such great comments over at Grown In My Heart! Todays post was suppose to be the Grown In Your Heart post...but it got bumped up to yesterday. So no craft today...but it will give you an opportunity to try out one of my older craft posts! I leave you with two shots of my cutie Emme!

We are cat sitting for our friends who are moving to Hawaii. We will be sending Jack to Hawaii in a month or so. Lulu and Emme absolutely LOVE this cat. As you can see Jack tolerates the girls. Who wants to bet that there will be a whole lot of tears on the day we have to take Jack to the airport. And maybe a new cat in our future?

Have a great day! There is a new craft tomorrow!


Amy said...

I bet you go and rescue one.

Crystal said...

she is adorable.

Beth- the mama bee said...

I just saw your project at Grown in my heart, via a link from crafty crow. I thought "oh no, that's kim's project and photos and they didn't even link to her!" then I remembered that you were writing over there too.... :)


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