Transform a Box into a Secret Treasures Carrying Case

Take a sturdy cardboard box the size of a cereal box (but much stiffer) cut a hinged opening. Attached a rope from a shopping bag by punching holes into the top, lacing through rope and knotting. Covered with tissue, Mod Podge, glitter, sequins...

We are letting this side dry before we tackle the other side. Will glue gun a ribbon latch onto hinge window. Will show you other side when we are done.

Cool Colors vs. Warm Colors
Warning former art teacher preaching!

I frequently talk to Lu about cool colors and warm colors. This is a simple introduction to color theory that can be incorporated into your craft projects. By referring to colors as cool or warm you are helping your child begin to evaluate and classify colors. They are also beginning to understand that color can convey a feeling or mood. Which in turn will help them to become thoughtful of color. You will notice over time their color choices will be more intentional and less arbitrary.

This doesn't have to be an extensive color lesson. Just casually introduce it to them as a choice. I asked Lu if she wanted to use cool colors like the ocean - greens and blues or warm colors like a fire - reds and oranges. She chose cool. She then helped to pick out the tissue from our scrap bag.

Whenever we are looking at nature or art I always incorporate color into our conversations. Just noticing color is a helpful lesson. You are helping teach your child how to look. Often times after our children learn their colors we stop talking about color to them.

An example: at the zoo - look at that peacock! Wow! What colors do you see on his tail feathers? Help your child name the real colors if they are old enough. Instead of blue say turquoise. Help them draw connections. Eventually they will begin to make them on their own. I love the turquoise in his tail it reminds me of the ocean - all cool colors.

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Bobbi & Noe said...

Cute idea- like always!

Ticia said...

See that requires actually knowing the cool and warm colors..... Sigh, and I sew like crazy I really should.
Great project though. My kids would love that. Anything to get messy.

Liz Mays said...

That is so cute and she's thrilled with her creation!

Amy said...

Wow this is so neat. Thanks for the shout out...

Leslie said...

Stopping by from Amy's Round Robin Party to say hello!

What a creative idea. Messy, but fun!

The Royal Family said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

Check my giveaway out!

Round robin I go!


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