Button & Felt Barrettes Disected

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I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some questions regarding how I made the Felt & Button Barrettes. Here is a step by step:

I cut out all my pieces free hand. Some of you may have heavy duty die cutters that can make this step much easier. I cut out one large, one medium and one small flower shape. Plus, I cut out 6 thin strips. Thread a needle, place large piece on top.
Place one end of a strip on needle.Place other end on needle -- like so Continue until you have all your strips on the needle
Place medium size flower on top and then smaller flower on top of thatSew button on and your done! Sew or glue to your barrette.I am going to trim the smaller flower a bit so you can see the medium size flower under it a bit better.


Katie said...

Are you finding that these aren't that heavy? Just wondering with all the layers if they stay in the hair properly. My kiddo's hair is pretty baby fine still, so I try to make very lightweight ones for her.

Mama King said...

Hi Katie, I always use an elastic to pull Lu & Em's hair back then clip the barrette on. Because no matter how light the barrette is it always slides out. So the elastic clip combo works for us.

Anne said...

These are so cool! I love the dimension of the inner layer of felt loops. I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Heather said...

These are too cute! Avery is so getting a new barrette...and maybe one to embellish a t-shirt too?

Angela Toucan said...

this is a great idea. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I really like yours site. keep it as is.


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