You're Craftastic

I'm giving away 5 prize packages full of stationary for Moms and Kiddios! (That I designed) Just leave a comment on the Giveaway page...get there by pressing Giveaway!

Check out the craftiness sent in by a loyal follower! KC, her sister and all their kiddos got together and made transparent eggs. Click here to go to my tutorial.

Even the mama's got in on the action! Here's KC's egg. Not only does KC win points for sending pictures of the egg craft she also included pictures of her felt & button barrette she made from my tutorial! So cute! Love that she used ribbon too! She wanted to let everyone in a little secret for buying cheap odds and end craft supplies...Amazing Savings! She said she got all her supplies for the Transparent Egg craft there...for super cheap.

So if you do a project inspired by something you saw here -- send it in! I will only post them if you give me permission and of course no full names or specific locations will be given. I just love seeing all your craftiness and especially how you make the projects your own.
Cute as a button!


Sarah said...

Great eggs!

Katie said...

Isn't it fun to know you've inspired someone!

cre8tone said...

So nice piece of art!

Amanda Pedro said...

Thanks for the great idea!
Here's what we did at my house:

i think I'll look into the shirt dress. I've been wanting to make one for my daughter.


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