Model Magic Lion

OK! I promise this is the LAST Model Magic project! Lu and I just loved playing with the stuff! We usually work 2D so this was a nice change for Lu.

Model Magic or Clay
Paper Plate
Googly Eyes

Start with a ball - Smoosh it

Fold top over - Pinch up ears

Make eyes with marker cap - look familiar? The owl inspired the lion! (sounds kind of wise...the owl inspired the lion.)

We used a crayon to make indents for a mouth


Carefully cut mane around bottom of face

The body - Roll a fat cylinder - Smoosh

Legs - Roll skinny cylinders - Smoosh

Tail - Roll long skinny cylinder - Smoosh one end - Cut slits into flat end of tail

Assemble - Oh - Lu's legs came out so fat we only used two of them. I had her make a slit on the bottom of each one.

Proud artist! She wanted to color him, add the googly eyes and make a home for him in the jungle. See first photo. Have fun crafting with your kids! Mama King


Saskia said...

Ooooh... I love your creatice family!!

Saskia said...

I *love* your model magic projects! This lion is so cute and full of character!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Very cute! I'm bookmarking your model magic posts ideas the next time we get a bucket of the stuff. Looks like fun!

Katie said...

Wow I'm amazed at how much your daughter can do at such a young age. My lion wouldn't look half as nice!


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