The Sand Table

Today's craft session (also known as Em's nap time) was spent making more paper plate puppets (Cinderella and company), playing with beads in silly putty, and reading books. Pretty quiet and nothing too exciting to show. So I thought I would show off our new sand table. The girls love it! I put some shells in the sand which made sifting and digging the sand very exciting. A project I have filed away in my mind - plaster of paris bones for excavating!

I like this table because it has an umbrella, a tight fitting cover that bungees on, is child height and most importantly, is mobile!!! Great for us who are limited in space. We have a huge deer problem. We counted 25 deer hanging out in our back yard. Which means a whole lot of poop and possible ticks. Until we can put up a deer fence in the backyard the girls and I are limited to the front driveway. I can wheel out the cart for play and wheel it back next to the garage for storage. I also like that when the girls out grow the sand table they can use it as a lemonade stand! I know they are going to play with this for many years. Edit: The sand and water table is listed on the Step2 website as being $79.99. I bought mine at Toys R Us for $59.98.

This is our water table. I bought it before Lu was even walking at Ikea for $5! It was advertised as a table with toy storage (it has a removable clear plastic top) but I knew back then that it would make a great water table. We use it year round! I keep the water and separate mainly for storage reasons. The sand table was advertised as a sand / water table but putting a lid on wet sand in the summer spells mold.
Have fun crafting with your kids, Mama King!


***Sharon*** said...

Love how you were able to think outside the box (the sandbox that is lol)and turned the table into a sand box! I don't know what it is about kids, water & sand....but they love it! And for FIVE DOLLARS?!?

Jess said...

Great score from Ikea! Our friends made us a fab water/sand table. Little ones can never get enough of the water/sand stuff can they? (:

DairyQueen said...

that looks like way more fun than our old sand table! We had one for our oldest daughter when there was nothing in our backyard to play with. It would keep her busy for HOURS! I love the plaster of paris bones idea!

Abbie said...

I LOVE the sand table! Where did you get this one? Is it from IKEA too? And where did you snag the sand? AND that it is mobile...such a great idea! I have to find this for my little ones...oh, well, that is after my daughter stops putting everything in her mouth. :)
BTW, your kids are so cute! I came over from Blue Eyed Blessings. Great blog!

Tanielle said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! I received my gorgeous cards in the mail, and am soooo excited!!! I am going to post them soon!

Thanks again!


Bobbi & Noe said...

How long ago did you buy that water table to see if they still have them at Ikea?

I really really want these tables now.

My husband is a wildland firefighter and they have sand tables at the station with little firemen and trees and stuff to assess different fire situations. The kids love playing with the sand tables everytime we go. It never occurred to me to have one at my house for some reason!


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