Ballerina Ornament

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We made this cute Ballerina ornament for Lulu's Ballet Teacher.

1 Large Popsicle Stick
2 Small Popsicle Sticks
Wide ribbon
Tissue Paper
Google Eyes
Ribbon to Hang
Small Hole Punch
2 Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)
Bell (Optional)1 Large Popsicle Stick
2 Small Popsicle Sticks
Wide ribbon
Tissue Paper
Google Eyes
Ribbon to Hang
Small Hole Punch
2 Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)
Bell (Optional)

Level: 6+ (Younger with help from parent)

Because Lu is 3.5 -- I did most of the preparing. Lu attached some of the pieces. Her big job was decorating the box we were presenting the ornament in.

Punch or drill hole into top of large popsicle stick. Do this carefully and slowly so the stick doesn't split.
Cut smaller sticks to desired length for arms. (I just used scissors for this)
Cut a 6" X 2" strip of tissue. Mine was 4 layers thick (for fullness)
Fold Tissue in half -- that is your center
Accordion fold (pleat) one side of the strip going out from center
Repeat going the other way
Place on large popsicle stick lining up center with center of the stick
Fold excess around to back
Wrap a piece of tape around top edge (Ribbon will cover tape)
Tie wide ribbon around stick
Tie a big bow in the back
Fluff and readjust front of ribbon, bow and skirt (carefully separating tissue a bit)
Glue on arms in back
Tie hanging ribbon on to doll through the hole
Poke chenille stem through hole and artfully wrap it around (this took some time to get it right) I used two for fullness and to create the bun.
Glue ribbon on bottom for ballet shoe(s)
(This bugged Lu. She didn't like that the ballerina had one leg! If I were to do it again I would cut the large Popsicle stick at the "knees" and glue on two smaller sticks for legs. Then add the pink shoes. But at this point I was done! Figuring out the hair -- did me in! Lu wanted her to have brown hair in a bun like her teacher!)
Glue on eyes
Draw mouth
All in all -- I think it came out very cute.
This could work well for any figure. A fairy would be adorable. Now that I am posting -- the creative wheels are turning. This would look so cute as a mobile! The teacher in the middle with her little students floating around her! Oh well, another day!


Tanielle said...

So cute! My girlies will love making these for sure!!!

Jess said...


Stephanie said...

So cute! (funny that Tanielle said it... it's what I came to say, too. :) )

jennwa said...

That doll is precious. said...

Aww, that is way cute! I'll be linking.

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