Eight is Enough

Katie at Katie's Nesting Spot tagged me to play along and share a bit about myself...so here we go!

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
  1. Taking the girls to the beach
  2. Picnics (I love eating outside)
  3. Fair & Festival season to start (Craft fairs, state fairs, agriculture fairs...you name it!)
  4. Taking long walks with the girls & Papa King on warm summer nights
  5. Planting a garden with Lu
  6. Painting the family room & kitchen
  7. Putting hardwood floors in the family room
  8. Moving! (Someday)

8 Things I did Yesterday
  1. Returned much overdue library books
  2. Set up the water table
  3. Started packing up the prizes for my giveaway (see girls "helping" me in pictures)
  4. Played Wonder Ball (over and over and over...)
  5. Started another flower craft idea
  6. Started reading a new book - The Bailey Chronicles
  7. Spent most of the night alternating between comforting 1 sick girl
  8. and 1 teething girl
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
  1. Run a marathon
  2. Have the time to work on my artwork
  3. Magically get back the metabolism I had at 16
  4. Travel! Anywhere! Everywhere!
  5. Speak another language
  6. Go on more date nights with my hubby
  7. Play a musical instrument
  8. Give my girls every opportunity life offers (regardless of cost)
8 Shows I Watch:
  1. Top Chef
  2. Project Runway
  3. House Hunters
  4. Antiques Roadshow
  5. Lost
  6. House
  7. Globe Trekker or Anthony Bourdain
  8. Mentalist
Ooops! I forgot to tag 8 people to play along! Here are 8 Blogs I love checking on a daily basis! So if you get a chance give them some blog love and tell them Mama King sent you!
  1. Hadley at Life of a Dairy Queen
  2. Making of a Montessori Mum at Making of a Montessori Mum
  3. Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog
  4. Clemencia at Story Time and More
  5. BranFlakes at Adventures of a Flake
  6. Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes
  7. Sarah at Blissfully At Home
  8. Heather at Eager Little Mind


DairyQueen said...

what a fun post! I love reading things like this :)

Katie said...

Thanks for doing you tag! It's always fun to learn more about others. I completely forgot to add the whole fair season to things I can't wait for. I love those too, my daughter really likes the rides now so it's even more fun taking her than ever before.
Can't wait for my prize package!

Lisa said...

Ohp, I've been tagged. ;)

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

I am looking forward to gardening with my daughter too. This year we rented a garden plot from our township. It was only $10 for the year and includes 600 square feet! I've never had a garden that big, so I'm sure we will be learning a lot as we go along. Can't wait to get started!



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