Crafting (Lady)Bug!

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It is exciting to see that the entire King family has caught the crafting bug. I awoke Saturday morning (my morning to sleep in) to find my darling hubby watercolor painting with the girls! Awww! It gets better, yesterday Lulu comes up to me and tells me she wants to do a craft (not unusual) and proceed to go into explicit detail of what she wants to do (very unusual.) It went a little something like this: "I want to make a ladybug...lot's of ladybugs...oh, on a stick!...lot's of ladybugs on sticks...big ladybugs! We need red paper, oh, and I want to paint the dots." Well I was a proud mama! The crafty nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

So needless to say, we made big ladybugs on sticks. I cut out the pieces and let her go to town. As you can see by the amount of glue seeping through the construction paper. I did have to back the ladybug with cardboard so it wouldn't flop.

This is the type of project where there are 101 variations. You could use a red paper plate for the body. You could collage red squares of tissue onto a white piece of paper or paper plate. If you don't have the DOT paint then glue on or color your own dots. This project would coincide nicely with a lesson on bugs or if working on introducing the letter Ll.

I used my circle punch for the head. The body, I just folded 2 pieces of red construction paper in half and freehand cut a semicircle. You should end up with two red bodies. After your little one paints her dots on one of the bodies cut in half along the fold. Glue onto first body slightly fanned out. See picture. Head: I folded the chenille stem in half, twisted the end a little and let Lulu tape it to the head. Then I showed her how to use her finger to curl the stem. She did the second one all by herself. If you wanted to you could glue googly eyes onto the head.

These dot paints are great especially for young children. There are different brands available on the market. Make sure the kind you get is washable. The kind I have are semi washable. Meaning, if it dries -- it is a little too late -- but if caught immediately it should wash out.

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