Easter: Basket, Bunny & Eggs Templates

Here is an easy project great for an age. You can make it as simple or detailed as your skill level. You can choose to use my template or make your own!

For smaller kids it may help to break the craft into three separate projects.

1. Decorate the eggs and the bunny
2. Decorate the basket another time
3. Sew the baskets together (optional - you can always make it flat and glue contents to back or staple the basket along the edges together)

We used tissue paper to make ours. We didn't have any brown tissue :-( It would have looked much better if we did. Tip: cut out object first and then glue tissue onto it letting tissue hang over edge of object. When dry trim off excess tissue. If you are coloring them or painting then cut out after they have been colored or painted.

We only decorated the front of the basket. I chose to cut the handle off the second basket but in retrospect wish I hadn't. It hangs funny with out it.

Save the templates to your desktop and then print.
Print out two baskets if you are going to sew or staple them together and add basket filler.


jennwa said...

That is a great Easter craft. I like how you can change it for different skill levels.

Thanks for linking, and have a great Easter.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

great craft. thanks for the template!

Life is Good said...

Such a cute craft! I think I'll try some easter crafts with my little one!


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