Model Magic Fish

We had so much fun working with the Model Magic! Lulu ended up wanting to make two fish bowls plus a Lion and some beads (which I will show you later this week.) Model Magic is great for little hands because it is very pliable, soft & light to work with. It also dries fairly least enough so that an impatient toddler can color it almost immediately without smooshing the piece.

Model magic
Googly Eyes
Paper Plate

The steps are simple. With some guidance Lu (3.5) was able to do everything. Start with 2 balls of Model magic. One slightly larger than the other. Flatten each ball with the palm of your hand.

Fold smaller circle in half. Smoosh into tail shape.

Attach to big circle. Smoosh.

Using the top/cap of a marker -- make fish scales all over fish. Let your little one have fun with this. It looks great the more texture you have.

Using end of crayon push spot for eye. Carefully cut mouth.


Let dry. Color with markers.

Cut top off paper plate. Color with markers. We took a damp paper towel and rubbed it over the plate to blend the colors and fill in the white areas.

Glue bottom area. Add sand. Pour off excess sand. Glue on fish. Add glue air bubbles.

We added a googly eye last minute. Have fun!

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CUTE! I love those fish bowls! I'll be linking.


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